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Artatech Jaya Sempurna

About Us

Artatech Jaya Sempurna (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

PT. Artatech Jaya Sempurna is a company engaged in the pneumatic and hydraulic industry. We are located in West Jakarta. The company was founded to meet the needs of consumers for the best and quality pneumatic products. We are specialists in the field of pneumatic, so don't hesitate to ask us all your needs related to pneumatic such as Hydraulic Pneumatic, Pneumatic Cylinder, Pneumatic Air Filter, Solenoid Valve, Air Regulator, etc.

We have branches in Jakarta such as:

1. LTC Glodok LT GF1 Blok A18 No 5 Hayam Wuruk West jakarta (Prima Jaya Teknik)

2. LTC Glodok LT GF2 Blok B 5 No 5 Hayam Wuruk West Jakarta (Artatech Jaya Sempurna)

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LTC GF2 B5 No. 5 Jakarta Barat Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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